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All Treats and No Tricks for 3D Portraits

3 Spooky Marketing Tactics to Boost Halloween 3D Portrait Sales

Halloween is right around the corner, and one of the coolest things to do apart from attending Halloween-themed parties or trick-or-treating is getting dressed in a spooky and crazy costume. There are a plethora of options from superhero to pirate outfits to choose from. This year, pop culture inspired costumes that are in trend. With Pennywise the Clown from the horror movie topping the list to Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and we can’t forget Game of Thrones. The finale season itself smashed all HBO records with 16.5 million views according to Nielsen data. We are surely going to see many Game of Thrones inspired costumes.

 holodeck3d5.jpgImage Source: Courtesy one of our partners, Holodeck 3D Studios

People love to get a lot of photos taken during this time because they put in so much effort into selecting their costumes so they can stand out. The occasion also serves as an excellent backdrop to add drama to the composition. Though 2D photography is the most common form of capturing memorable moments, 3D portraits and 3D selfies are becoming quite popular. The ability to add dimension, surface variation and colors to a composition, making it look just like a real object, is only possible in 3D portraits. 

Running 3D portrait business can be quite challenging without proper marketing. Based on our experiences working with 3D portrait and 3D scanning business owners, here is a list of marketing tips that have resonated with end consumers.

Spookify Your Emails to the Customers.

Make sure to reach out to all the customers in your database. Encourage them to come get 3D scanned their Halloween costumes.This is a good time to offer bewitching promotions too. A picture is worth a thousand words and sending engaging images of Halloween costume ideas or creating a Halloween themed template to encourage your customers to come to your store or the event; would help you to promote your business. Another key consideration is most of the people read their emails on the go so make sure they are optimized for mobile viewing.


We’re Soo Pump(kin)ed About Sharing 3D Portraits on Social Media

Social media sharing is a great form of word-of-mouth. It creates a positive affirmation towards your brand, and helps with referrals. Encourage your customers to bring their friends and families in costumes. This can be incredibly valuable for your business.

  • Post on Facebook to promote your business. Make sure you upload images of 3D portraits you have done in past. Images make for an engaging post and can be impactful in driving interest to the website/store/event you are attending.
  • Tweet your business on Twitter to invite your potential customers/clients to come in their Halloween costumes. If you are visiting an event, tweet the location of the event. Share where and when they should expect you.
  • Use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients/customers.
  • Share costume ideas for Halloween on Pinterest to promote your business
  • All 3D scans are shareable on social media. Encourage your customers to share the scans on social media. Set custom hashtags and URLs that would link back to your webpage. All of these can be set in your Twindom Manager account (software that comes with the Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner).


It Would Be Scary To Miss This!

Make sure 3D portraits are ordered with TwinProtect Coat and in HD Retouching. TwinProtect is a specially formulated coating that will make the 3D portraits/ figurines UV/water resistant. Exposure to the direct sun or humidity for a longer period can fade the color of the print. Twin Protect helps with this by sealing in the color and making the prints color pop and more resistant to the elements.

HD Retouching print service will allow to enhance those smaller details like textured hair, face details or creases on the costumes to make the 3D portrait real-like.

Delivering the best possible product to a customer is important to ensure they come back next year to get 3D scanned in their costume. Both HD Retouching and TwinProtect can help with this.

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