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3D Scanning For AR and VR

To most, augmented reality may seem like a superficial idea on the surface. However, AR has the potential to change the way that we interact and experience life on a day-to-day basis. AR developers are continually finding new methods to enhance what they can do with AR, and 3D scanning is proving to be quite effective. Thyng, a recent Twindom customer and leading AR developer, shows just how valuable 3D scanning can be in terms of developing an AR application.
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3 Unexpected Ways to Use Full Body 3D Scanners

When our founders first started building full body 3D scanners, it was certainly with 3D portraiture in mind. But thanks to the hundreds of emails and phone conversations with passionate members of the 3D printing community at large, we’ve discovered several unconventional use cases for the Twindom platform that we are excited to explore and develop further. Find a roundup of our top three unconventional full body 3D scanning use cases below: 

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Is 3D Scanning Technology a Catalyst to Augmented Reality’s Growth?

Imagine a company printing 211 million copies of a product catalog. That is more than 20 times the population of Sweden.What would happen if you added augmented reality to the mix? IKEA, a Swedish home furniture company, valued for offering good design and functionality at affordable prices, just started utilizing this strategy. They recently launched their augmented reality shopping app, called IKEA Place, which can overlay 3D models of furniture onto floors and other surfaces in a customer’s house in real time. Customers have been extremely excited because it has allowed them a sneak peek into how furniture would look in their house before committing to a purchase.

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