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BETA Launch: 3D Holograms

Here at Twindom we are constantly looking for interesting new products to add to our full body 3D scanning solution. 3D holograms have been something we have wanted to release for years and after much testing, we have finally arrived at a very cool BETA product. 3D holograms are ready within minutes of a 3D scan being uploaded to the Twindom Cloud Platform and are a great way to showcase the magic of someone seeing themselves in 3D after they take a 3D capture.

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3D Scanning Event Case Study: Comic Cons

One of the most popular types of events for people in the 3D printed figurine industry are comic conventions. If you're trying to decide what your first event should be, comic conventions can be a great place to start because of the large crowds they can draw. Ideally you want to target comic cons that have over +5,000 people and take place of over 1-2 days. In this post we will go over what a sample comic con could look like in terms of number of people 3D scanned and revenue for you as 3D printed figurine business owner.

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3D Scanning Booths at Events: Mitigating Risk

One of the most popular business models for 3D printed figurines is taking a 3D scanner to events. Events can provide many benefits over keeping your scanning business in a fixed location such as a mall or studio. In this post we are going to talk about what makes for a succesful events and how you can avoid situations where the event you attend ends up being unprofitable.

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