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3 Unexpected Ways to Use Full Body 3D Scanners

When our founders first started building full body 3D scanners, it was certainly with 3D portraiture in mind. But thanks to the hundreds of emails and phone conversations with passionate members of the 3D printing community at large, we’ve discovered several unconventional use cases for the Twindom platform that we are excited to explore and develop further. Find a roundup of our top three unconventional full body 3D scanning use cases below: 

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Prosthetics and Orthopedics

In the realm of medicine, we’ve spoken to many people who find full body 3D scanning useful for the creation of prosthetics and orthopedic materials. Measuring the body’s external surface in a 3D scanning booth, doctors are able to 3D print highly customized devices that can help patients rehabilitate and stay as mobile as possible in the wake of injury or bodily strain.

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Gathering Wellness Metrics

Another medical application of full body 3D scanning technologies is to gather wellness metrics and measure bodily changes over time. For individuals who are experiencing rapid fat loss or gain, or for athletes looking to hit a specific build to perform at their peak, the ability to garner hyper-accurate 3D body data can be literally game changing. Tracking things such as posture analysis and BMI numbers can help expedite treatment plans for patients looking to make big changes to their bodies.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Another use case for full body 3D scanning that remains on the rise is character design for virtual and augmented reality applications. Portable 3D scanning systems like ours are in use across the globe by VR and AR enthusiasts to scan renderings to use as 3D human avatars within various VR applications. As the possibilities are nearly endless in this medium, we are particularly excited to see how the industry continues to utilize full body 3D scanning.