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Software for 3D Portraits [Complete Guide]

Many people who first hear about our full body 3D scanning solution gravitate toward the hardware, but don't realize that it is our custom software (the Twindom Manager) that really does most of the magic. In this blog post you will see the work that would be required to do all the software processing yourself as well as go over some of the key components of the software that powers our full body 3D scanning solution.

We will go over the following components in this article:

  • Cloud-based CRM
  • Automated 3D model processing
  • Point of Sale system (POS)
  • Promotional tools


Cloud-based CRM

When running your 3D printed figurine business, you will want to keep track of your monthly sales, find your top customers, and see which of your products are performing the best. All of this functionality is available in the Twindom Manager (cloud interface).

It's imperative for a new business to closely connect with their customers and adapt based upon the customer data you have. 

CRM for 3D printed figurines Twindom

 Automated 3D Model Processing

No matter what full body 3D scanner you use for your 3D scanning business, you will need to have some way to process the photo data from the scanning system. Processing photo data such as this into 3D can be very costly, usually has a steep learning curve, and is very time consuming if you are doing all the 3D model processing yourself. 

The beauty of the Twindom 3D scanning solution is that we take care of all the processing of photos into 3D models for you as well as do any digital cleanup and repairs that are needed for the models.

Below is a link to a previous blog post regarding the time we save you in model processing.

8 Steps for Making 3D Portraits

Point of Sale System (POS)

It's necessary to have a way for your customers to purchase their 3D printed figurines or 3D models online and we offer a way for you to do that. Simply create a Stripe account and link it to your Twindom Manager account to allow your customers to make purchases online. With our POS system, you will be notified when customers make a purchase and will approve the 3D models before they are set to be processed into 3D printed figurines. 


Promotional Tools

Marketing is an important part to any business and your 3D scanning business is no exception. Twindom gives you the tools to add a special touch to the scans you take at an event. Doing a Spring wedding event? Add a Spring themed background to the preview GIFs. Partnering with a local company? Just add your logos or text to the GIF.

The digital output of our full body 3d scanner is a powerful marketing tool that you can use for endless promotional possibilities. It can be used to profit your own business or to help promote your favorite cause.

Promotions manager Twindom

3D scan for 3D portrait Twindom 

We hope that after reading this post you have a better idea of the value the Twindom Manager can provide to your 3D scanning business. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our solution, please use the link below to contact us.

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