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3 Holiday Ideas for 3D Printed Figurine Businesses

Holiday Dog Print

During the holiday season, many retailers do a sizable chunk of their sales revenue. The same is true for 3D printed figurine businesses. People are looking for gifts that they can give to their friends and loved ones. Although much of shopping is done online, people still like to browse stores to look for a unique gift for that special someone.

For your own business, now is a great time to look at what other retailers are doing to attract customers and make the strategy your own. Here are a few ideas:

1. Gift cards- They are especially popular around this time of year and can be a popular gift that is easy to buy and give.

2. Get 3D scanned in holiday attire- 3D scanning yourself in holiday attire and posting the 3D scans as gifs to social media or to your website can be a great way to get potential customers interested (see example below).

3. Do a 3D scanning event- Advertising a 3D scanning event for the the kids with Santa at your studio or retail location can be another great way to drum up interest in the local community.

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Ultimately, it's up to you what you do to promote your 3D printed figurine business, but as always, it's best to think outside of the box and interesting ways to keep your business top of mind with customers. Coming up with fun promotions to celebrate the various seasons of the year can be great ways to attract new customers and bring existing ones back to you. The more your customers get to know you and what you can offer them, the more you will be top of mind and you may even have customers come to you with ideas around 3D scanning that you would have never thought of.

Here are a few fun holiday full body 3D scans we took in the office:

3D rotating holiday gif 1 3D rotating holiday gif 1 3D holiday singer rotating gif   3D rotating holiday gif 1 


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