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BETA Launch: 3D Holograms

Here at Twindom we are constantly looking for interesting new products to add to our full body 3D scanning solution. 3D holograms have been something we have wanted to release for years and after much testing, we have finally arrived at a very cool BETA product. 3D holograms are ready within minutes of a 3D scan being uploaded to the Twindom Cloud Platform and are a great way to showcase the magic of someone seeing themselves in 3D after they take a 3D capture.

3D hologram

Think of going to an event with your Twinstant Mobile and seeing people walking around with 3D holograms on their phones saying “that’s cool!” and then, “where can I get one?”. With the right marketing strategy, 3D holograms can help you create more buzz at an event or location and ultimately help you sell more 3D printed figurines. The near instant gratification of the 3D hologram product can go a long way when keeping your customers engaged before making their 3D printed figurine purchase.


  • Available to be viewed on a customer’s smartphone within a few minutes of uploading
  • A great way to show off your scan and generate interest for your business
  • Can be used as an added bonus for purchasing a scan or additional source of income for your 3D scanning business
  • A way to drive traffic to your booth at large events


Interested in joining the beta program? (limited spots available)

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