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Announcing: Ultra Mode on the Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner

ultra-mode-faceshot.jpgToday we're excited to announce Ultra Mode, a way for all future and current Twinstant customers to get even higher quality full body 3D scans out of their full body 3D scanners. To use Ultra Mode customers just go to the dashboard on the Twinstant Scanner App and toggle the setting. When scans are run on the Twinstant with Ultra Mode enabled, higher resolution data is collected each time a capture is run. Here is a comparison of a raw scan from the Twinstant processed on Ultra Mode vs. Normal Mode:

comparison shot06.png
Ultra Mode processed 3D scan (left) compared with a Normal Mode processed 3D scan (right)

While the differences are subtle, if you look closely at the Ultra Mode scan you will notice that the text on the t-shirt and some of the facial details are much crisper than on the scan run in Normal Mode. 

Customers using the Twinstant full body 3D scanner for 3D printed figurines likely won't notice a difference unless they ordering 3D printed figurines that are 9 inches or larger. The reason for this is that today's full color 3D printers are the bottleneck for higher quality 3D printed figurines.

If your end application is purely digital (virtual reality, gaming, or research) then Ultra Mode could be a great addition to your workflow.

Want to compare different full body 3D scanners?

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