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Announcing: HD Retouching for 3D Portraits


Today, we're excited to announce a new HD retouching option for all 3D portraits being fulfilled with Twindom's fulfillment service. The new HD retouching option enables all Twinstant full body 3D scanners to produce 3D printed figurines that are on par with even the most highly calibrated DSLR-based full body 3D scanners. HD retouching includes: 

  • retexturization of the hair
  • enhanced webbing removal
  • added details on the face, ears, eyes, nostrils, fingers, fingernails and shoes
  • crease/fold creation on clothing

Here is a picture of a finished 3D printed figurine that has gone through HD retouching printed at 7 inches (~18 cm):

hd retouching.jpg

Want pricing for HD retouching on 3D printed figurines?

Download Twindom's 3D Figurine Fulfillment Pricing