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Announcing TwinProtect and HD Retouching Now Available for Customers

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of TwinProtect and HD Retouching for all of our customers. Over the last few months we've been conducting a beta program to test the new features among a select group of customers, who use our full body 3D scanners to make 3D portraits. A quick primer on the new features:

TwinProtect is a specially formulated coating that makes 3D portraits UV/water resistant. One of the downsides of full-color 3D prints from the Projet 660, the only acceptable printer for 3D portraits, is that if prints are exposed to humidity or direct sunlight for prolonged periods, the color can fade. For example, if you leave your 3D portrait on a window sill. TwinProtect helps with this by sealing in color and making the prints more resistant to the elements.


HD Retouching is designed for 3D portrait businesses who want to offer a premium 3D portrait without having to spend +$70k on a DSLR photogrammetry full-body 3D scanner and pay substantial fees to 3D artists to fix scan data. HD Retouching works by running the scan data through an advanced set of algorithms that are trained on the large set of past scans that Twindom has helped to process. Whatever the algorithms don’t catch, a senior 3D artist from Twindom fixes. The two-part process goes beyond Twindom’s Basic Retouching by texturizing hair, enhancing face details, and emphasizing clothing creases. Once complete, the 3D portrait business gets a notification to make comments if additional revisions are needed. Next, it’s passed off to Twindom’s global network of 3D print partners and shipped to the 3D portrait business or end customer. In the image above, the 3D family portrait in the background was created with Basic Retouching whereas the one in the forground had HD Retouching. 

 Want pricing for HD Retouching & TwinProtect for 3D printed figurines?

Download Twindom's 3D Figurine Fulfillment Pricing