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Four Moments of Every Love Story That Should Be Told in 3D


Every generation has its prized set of status symbols, and for millennials, one of those status symbols resides in the “experience economy.” Documenting the experiences of each moment has become a potent form of social currency for young, upwardly mobile consumers with disposable income, making every stage of a romantic relationship game for ample commemoration. As a result, photography businesses worldwide have a massive opportunity to tap into millennial hearts and minds using the latest and greatest digital camera technology.

But while iPhone selfies and fleeting Instagram stories are great for capturing smaller occasions like a picnic on the beach or an afternoon hike, there are certain milestones that many couples will want to preserve in a more tangible form. Having custom 3D printed figurines made from a 3D scanning booth is an intriguing option for many photography studio customers, giving customers a more dynamic way to preserve a moment in time.


Aspirational Pinterest-style wedding planning remains a full-on phenomenon among millennials. Whereas prior generations only hire a professional photographer specifically for the wedding day itself, engagement photos are now considered very much a cultural standard. Having 3D printed figurines made from a 3D scanning booth can be a creative way for couples to announce the engagement to their families. In addition, as many engaged couples opt to present wedding party members with some sort of physical gift, a 3D printed portrait makes a unique memento to thank the bridal party for participating in their special day.  


Marriage ceremonies big and small are a natural fit for 3D portraits. Just like [lifestyle conventions] like Comic-Con, Weddings mark an occasion when many people put a great deal of thought and care into their wardrobe selection, making wedding receptions the perfect setting in which to capture 3D portraits. Larger weddings may opt to ditch the traditional photo booth in favor of setting up the Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner at the reception, allowing guests to capture themselves in their wedding finery and walk away with an awesome 3D printed figurine.

Another incredibly popular use of 3D full body scanners is for 3D cake toppers. As guests mill around the reception hall before desert, the 3D printed bride and groom can be seen resting elegantly on top of the cake. The couple can then take the 3D cake topper home as a visual reminder of their nuptials.


As most people in relationships know, the key to maintaining a strong bond is to continue finding ways to celebrate along life’s path. Anniversaries mark a great occasion for 3D portraits, as it captures a brief moment in time that will serve as a daily reminder of the commitment the couple made to each other however many years prior. 3D printed portraits also make a great gift for parents or grandparents celebrating their anniversary.

Birth Announcements, Adoptions, and Childhood Milestones

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, and 3D portraits are the perfect way to capture every stage of a child’s life so as not to forget the unique phases of childhood. While pregnancy and newborn sessions make for a great full body 3D scan, other childhood milestones such as first days of school, birthdays, and graduations are prime occasions to have a 3D printed figurine made.

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