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3 things to avoid when caring for your 3D printed figurine

In order to keep a 3D printed figurine looking like brand new it's important to keep it in an environment where it won't be damaged. 3D printed figurines are meant for display purposes only. While it is fine to pass them around at gatherings occasionally, they really should stay on a shelf, your fireplace mantle, or in a glass display case (bell jars work very well). When you're deciding where to display them you will want to avoid:

  1. Direct sunlight
  2. Areas with lots of moisture
  3. Drops

Note: Scroll to the end of the post for an update on a new coating we've developed that helps counteract direct sunlight and humidity on 3D printed figurines

Direct sunlight


If your 3D printed figurine is placed in direct sunlight the color on it will fade over time and the colors may start to look washed out.



3D printed figurines that are exposed to moisture will also have their colors fade. If you are in an area with lots of humidity than you will want to be extra careful. Another side affect of exposure to moisture is the 3D figurines can erode over time since they are made out of a gypsum-based material.



Another thing to be careful with when handling the 3D printed figurines is to not drop them. If you drop a 3D printed figurine it will almost certainly break. In many cases you can repair them with super glue, but there are times when they are beyond repair.

Update since original posting

Since the original publishing of this blog post, we've developed TwinProtect: a new protective coating for 3D printed figurines. When applied to a 3D printed figurine, TwinProtect makes each 3D print resistant to UV rays and water. As described above, exposure to direct sun light and moisture can degrade the quality of a 3D printed figurine. TwinProtect helps counteract, helping each 3D printed figurine retain it's original quality. To learn more about TwinProtect, click here. As for making 3D printed figurines resistant to drops, no one has quite figured it out yet. Stay tuned for the next generation of full color 3D printers coming out in 2019-2020!

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