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Software for 3D Portraits [Complete Guide]

Many people who first hear about our full body 3D scanning solution gravitate toward the hardware, but don't realize that it is our custom software (the Twindom Manager) that really does most of the magic. In this blog post you will see the work that would be required to do all the software processing yourself as well as go over some of the key components of the software that powers our full body 3D scanning solution.

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A Guide to the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 Full Color 3D Printer for 3D Printed Figurines

For any 3D printing business looking to adopt full-color 3D printing, now is definitely a time to pay attention to all of the new 3D printing technologies on the horizon. The 2 main companies to watch in the full-color printing space right now are Mimaki and HP. For this particular post, we are going to focus on everything you need to know about the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 full-color 3D printer. We'll go into more detail about the HP Jet Fusion 500/300 full-color 3D printer in another post. Here is a quick outline of what we will be covering:

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Announcing: Twindom attending WPPI 2019 in Las Vegas

From February 27th to March 1st, we will be showcasing the Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography International) hosted in Las Vegas. Come join us to see the Twinstant Mobile in action and be the first to learn about some exciting new features coming to customers. See below for more details:

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The 8 steps for turning raw 3D scans into 3D printed figurines

In this post we are going to give an overview on what needs to happen to a raw 3D scan before it becomes a full color 3D printed figurine.

One of the most overlooked items when people set up their 3D figurine business is how much time and effort it takes to turn a raw 3D scan into a product their end customer is happy with.  All of the steps outlined in this article are automatically done for you if you are using Twindom's fulfillment services and worldwide network of 3D print partners. If you are not using Twindom's fulfillment services, then you should expect it to take multiple hours of manual digital post-processing to turn the raw data produced by your full body 3D scanner into something that will turn out well when printed on a full color 3D printer. This is almost the complete opposite of regular photography where we are used to being able to instantly print beautiful looking photographs when only spending a few minutes in Adobe Photoshop to touch them up.

Here is the list of everything you need to do for making 3D figurines from raw 3D scans:

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3 Holiday Ideas for 3D Printed Figurine Businesses

During the holiday season, many retailers do a sizable chunk of their sales revenue. The same is true for 3D printed figurine businesses. People are looking for gifts that they can give to their friends and loved ones. Although much of shopping is done online, people still like to browse stores to look for a unique gift for that special someone.

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KODAK Full Body 3D Scanners for Making Holiday 3D Printed Portraits now at Bloomingdale’s

Berkeley, CA, Monday, November 26th, 2018- Today Twindom, brand licensee of Kodak, announced that holiday shoppers at Bloomingdale’s this year will be able to make personalized holiday 3D printed portraits with the KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner. The promotion will be available at Bloomingdale’s stores in San Francisco and New York City.

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Applications for fitness that go beyond standard AR/VR

In the health and fitness vertical, AR and VR companies have primarily  focused on fitness applications so far. From a conservative business stance, this makes a lot of sense. We all know about the importance of regular physical activity, but historically training programs left much to be desired. They can be boring, inconvenient, time consuming, exclusive, and possibly even intimidating. Naturally, this gap in the fitness industry presented an opportunity for AR and VR companies.

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Magic Leap: Why 3D Content will be Critical for AR Apps

A little over a week ago we got a Magic Leap One delivered to our office. For those unfamiliar, here is a little background on Magic Leap:

Magic Leap is a startup based in Plantation, Florida working on a futuristic augmented reality headset. It quickly rose to fame after it was reported that it had raised ~$500 million at a ~$2.3 billion valuation from Google, Alibaba, Warner Brothers, Legendary, Fidelity and a host of other top tier investors. While the augmented reality startup has been notoriously secretive, the demos it has put out have shown just how impressive the technology could be once properly commercialized.

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Marketing for 3D Printing Businesses

Getting a new 3D printing business off the ground can be a challenge, especially since 3D printing is still a relatively new technology to most consumers. While 3D printing has been around since the 90s it is only now finding its way into applications beyond just rapid prototyping. At Twindom, we’ve been uniquely positioned to see what marketing tactics have worked best for all of the 3D printing businesses that use the Twindom Cloud Platform to process full body 3D scans and Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner to take captures. Here are a few of the highlights:

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Announcing: Twindom attending PhotoPlus Expo in New York City

From October 25th to 27th, we will be showcasing the Twinstant Mobile full body 3D scanner at the PhotoPlus Expo hosted in New York City. Come join us to see the Twinstant Mobile in action and be the first to learn about some exciting new features coming to customers. See below for more details:

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