3 Marketing Ideas for your 3D Selfie Business


Like any business, a 3D selfie business can be hard to get off the ground without the proper marketing. Using traditional marketing tactics such as billboards or radio ads can prove especially costly for a new business. At Twindom we've had the privelege of seeing what's worked well and not so well for all of our Twinstant partners. Here are the top 3:

  • Offer free 3D previews
  • Get local press
  • Stay flexible and test lots of locations

Offer free 3D previews

Once a customer has taken a 3D selfie, even if they did not originally plan on making a purchase, we find that customers are so blown away by seeing themselves in 3D for the first time, that the 3D preview often upsells the customer.


We and our partners have received local, national and global press with hardly any effort - and press generates a lot of business. 3D selfies are so new and so cool that it usually only takes a single cold email to get the attention of a local reporter (especially if there’s a free 3D portrait in it for them).

It would cost >$10,000 to buy the same attention that a single news story affords you. Spend time trying to get press before spending a single dollar on other marketing efforts, even if it’s only a small local newspaper.

Stay flexible and go to lots of locations

Staying flexible and experimenting with lots of customer groups and locations is a great way to keep your 3D selfie business top of mind in your community. The mobility of your full body 3D scanner is especially important for this unless you want to spend hours in setup and takedown every time you try a new location to see what works for you.

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